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Monday, July 8, 2013


    This is a form invented by a poet who writes as  chasingtheday on Allpoetry.com
    It is 15 syllables per line and at the beginning of every new line                        
    you rhyme with the last word of the previous line.                                        
    The first verse is 7 lines,                        
    the second verse is 6 lines                        
    and third verse is 5 lines.                        
    The rhyme for the whole poem is end line rhyme -                        
    Rhyme may be perfect rhyme, slant rhyme, or assonance rhyme, or sight rhyme                         
    Each new line beginning must be the same rhyme as the                
    end line rhyme of the line before it. 
    The following template may help.  Interpret the rhyme column (a)b as meaning the
    first word uses the a-rhyme, the end-word uses the b-rhyme.

    Example Poem

    Calls for Careful Constant Cogitation   (Melodic)

    This form requires lines fifteen syllables long, an internal
    Infernal rhyme that's tough, because adjoining words must rhyme, hence
    sense must accrue quickly to pairs that seem spaced so far apart.
    Start with a new sentence when you need a break,  an external
    nocturnal stimulant, like caffeine or nicotine dispensed
    condensed into a pot or a pack may elevate your heart
    chart and move your muse.  Or kill you like sex, food, or exercise.

    Surprise surreptitiously surfaces when stringing sev'ral
    caesural sounds sequentially but may lend a lift and lilt.
    Tilt your lance and charge capriciously calling for less control.
    Enroll enchanting images of white winged fairies with all
    enthralled by fluttering and dancing as if on flower quilt.
    Stilt your language if antiquities you're planning to enroll.

    Droll wit can be levered when you have so many words, but wit 
    lit out from me this week.  I hoped muse and I could together
    gather something credible, (not aiming for incredible)--
    bull can only be shoveled just so deep.  But muse chose to sit
    it out, and left me all alone.  Thus this time will be no hit.

    Visual Template 

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