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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu (Little Toy Train), created by Lawrencealot
      Patterned after the Paulo Comitatu

The form consists of one or more octaves where the 1st and 5th lines
are Iambic Trimeter with and extra unaccented syllable
da DUM  da DUM  da DUM da (Technically two iambs and an amphibrach)
The remaining lines are proper Iambic Trimeter

Rhyme Pattern: xaba xcbc

This form was designed by synergystic accident, while attempting to
to co-write a poem, and identify the beginning form.
 It is handy if poets are sharing alternating quatrains, and the second poet has strong rhyming skills.
It was placed here for all to enjoy.

Example Poem

Waiting for Her Backwoods Pilot

She sat there by the window
and watched the falling rain.
Her mind went to the past
she hummed a sweet refrain.
He traveled through the forest
with cautious stealth and dread.
Alone and failing fast,
he'd crashed and should be dead.

(c) Lawrencealot November  11, 2012

Visual Template


A syllabic form.
No meter specified.
No rhyme.

syllabic count 2-4-7-8-6;
line 1 is the subject;
line 2 gives description;
line 3, action;
line 4, the setting;
line 5, final thought.

Best Centered

Example poem

My Socks - Lost and Found

My socks
get a divorce
in my laundry; wallflowers
created in drier dances-
washday musical chairs.

© Lawrencealot - November 20, 2012

Visual template

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Romantic Stanza

The Romantic Stanza is named for the poem Venus the Star by Maksim Bahdanovic, Belarus 1891-1917. The poem was originally titled "Romance" 1912 until it was published as lyrics to a song in 1930. It is distinguished by the use of a rentrament, the first phrase of L1 repeated as a refrain in L4 similar to the French Rondeau. The difference is that each quatrain has its own rentrament.
Romantic stanza
Structure, Metrical Requirement, Repetitive Requirement, Rhyme Scheme Requirement, Stanzaic
Alternating quatrains of basically dactylic meter where lines one and three have eleven syllables, line two has ten, and line four is the first seven syllables of line one.
Attributed to:
Maksim Bahdanovic, stanza so named by Bob Newman
Rhyme: (Ba)baB
Xxx Xxx Xxx Xx
Xxx Xxx Xxx X
Xxx Xxx Xxx Xx
Xxx Xxx X
Starting Point:
With each quatrain, start with the first/last line, since that line establishes your rhymes.

The form was named Romantic Stanza by Bob Newman

    • written in any number of quatrains.
    • accentual syllabic, dactylic with L1, L2, and L3 either tetrameter and L4 is dimeter or trimeter.
    • rhymed, rhyme abab cdcd etc.
    • written with each quatrain employing the first phrase of L1 as a rentrament, repeated as L4. 
Note: Part of this info was cut and pasted from the work of Judi  Van Gorder, aka Tinker on PoetryMagnumOpus, which is linked from this blog.

Example Poem

 Our Genesis   (Romantic Stanza - 11/10/11/7 Version)

Clustering, combining dust aggregating
assembling Hydrogen just as it must.
Assembling atoms, Helium's a-making,
Clustering, combining dust.

Billions of our years gone by with life absent.
Galaxies born, made from stars as they die.
Pressures of their dying create content .
Billions of our years gone by.

Busting outward from that blast, all elements
required for biologic life at last.
All living things sprung from stars' final events,
bursting outward from that blast. 

(c) Lawrencealot - January 27, 2013

Visual Template(s)
Ah...correct the format below to aa/10/11/7  not 5!

You see there is some discrepancy in the specs, so I have provided a tetrameter template

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The Piaku form takes part of its name from the fact that the syllable count for each line matches the digits in Pi.

Form Type: Syllabic
Origins: American
Creator: Mike Rollins
Number of Lines: Unlimited
Rhyme Scheme: Not Applicable
Meter: Not applicable

Pasted from <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi>

1. Each line must be the same syllable length as the digit in that location in the PI sequence.

2. Poems may be of any length.

Pi:  3.14159 26535 89793

The Storm

Flash, Rumble
Awesome thunder
The wind will plunder
As did the pirates from on yonder
Raid, fall
Damn! My ship is sinking
The water stinging
The storm moves onward
I'm tired, I'm cold, I sink, I die.

Mike Rollins

The Rain

I say old
man ,
listen to that
Walking is no fun
on a night when horizontal rains
Scurry to the back yard
hurry quick then lie
by the fire.

(c) Lawrencealot - January 22, 2013

Visual Template


Form Created by John Madison Shaw, Sr., aka Arkbear on Allpoetry
MUST have 5 Quatrains -
No Set Line length
No Set Meter
The Nth line of each quatrain must rhyme with each other.
Letter use restrictions.

No letter ( a ) in 1st L of each Q -
No letter ( b ) in 2nd L of each Q -
No letter ( c ) in 3rd L of each Q -
No letter ( d ) in 4th L of each Q -
ALL 1st L's must have same end Rhyme -
ALL 2nd L's must have same end Rhyme -
ALL 3rd L's must have same end Rhyme -
ALL 4th L's must have same end Rhyme -

Flow is a MUST!
Metaphors are a MUST!
Beautiful Poetic voice is a MUST!
There can be no fixed template for the form, for line length is NOT specified
Most I have seen have been pentameter or longer. 

Since one can choose any line-length and meter
I have chosen Iambic tetrameter for this work.

Example Poem

Absurdlutely My Beloved    (Phyquain)

I'll mow my way through drive-way snow
I'll shovel  through the growing grass
I'll throw the pigs at angry birds
or fly-fish somewhere in a blimp.

I'll cry when comedy's the show
and laugh at church and scratch my ass.
I'll roller skate in buff'lo herds
I'll teach ballooning to a shrimp.

I might return before I go,
or teach at school that has no class
or write a poem without words
or book a nun that needs a pimp.

I might invite the firefly's glow
to brighten up each underpass
or make all homeboys into nerds.
I could teach rattlesnakes to primp.

These I might do, you'll never know.
However you will be my lass
forever plus about two-thirds.
Always will I remain your imp.

© Lawrencealot - January 22, 2013

Since one can choose any line-length and meter
I have chosen Iambic tetrameter for this work.

Visual Template

Monday, January 21, 2013


Pleiades form
This titled form was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman, 
Sol Magazine's Lead Editor. Only one word is allowed in the title 
followed by a single seven-line stanza. 
The first word in each line begins with the same letter as the title. 
Hortensia Anderson, a popular haiku and tanka poet, added her 
own requirement of restricting the line length to six syllables. 

 Example Poem


Striking lightning frightening.
Sending shadows darting.
Sudden squall surprising.
Shrieking wind whistling.
Slamming hail bombarding.
Suddenly it's over.

 © Lawrencealot - April 16, 2012

Visual Template

Purely Hopeful

This form was invented by Jennifer L. Hedin, aka on Allpoetry as Pure_Hope

A Four Stanza form, with two quatrains enveloping two tercets.
The syllable counts and rhyme-pattern for each stanza is:
9/8/7/6: abab
7/8/9: cdc
9/8/7: cdc
6/7/8/9: fgfg
There is no metric requirement.

Example Poem

Camping Trip

"Dress for camping," I advised, "Wear red.
So she put on a pencil dress.
She wanted me home instead.
Her ploy was a success.

I stayed home and was not sad.
I was I'll admit, quite content.
Next time I said "Camping won't be bad."

"Dress in red.  Wear boots- You will be glad."
She dressed in leather; time well spent
and wore the best boots she had.

Even though she brought rope,
Figuring to snare our lunch?
I stayed home again.  I'm no dope.
And there I enjoyed my honeybunch. 

 © Lawrencealot - September 14, 2012

Visual Template


Created by C. G. V. Lewis, the Quadrilew is a form of quatrain poem
 with an abab rhyming scheme, repeating lines, and contains an alternating syllable structure.


This is a stanzaic, form requiring 4 quatrains.
It is syllabic with two forms, either 5/6/5/6  repeating or 6/5/6/5 repeating.
Minimum 16 lines, No meter specified.
Refrains: The Nth line of the first quatrain is the first line of the Nth quatrain.

In the first verse, the poet may either start with a five or six syllable line.
The poem requires FOUR quatrains

Rhyme pattern: aBAB2 Baba Abab B2aba, when the capitalized letters represent the three refrain lines.

Line 1, 5 syllables.
Line 2, 6 syllables.
Line 3, 5 syllables.
Line 4, 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 2 of the FIRST verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 3 of the first verse) has 5 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 6 syllables.

Line 1, (which is a REPEAT of line 4 of the first verse) has 6 syllables.
Line 2 new line of 5 syllables.
Line 3 new line of 6 syllables.
Line 4 new line of 5 syllables.

If the first line of verse one has 6 syllables then the pattern is
Verse 1, 6565,
Verse 2, 5656,
Verse 3, 6565,
Verse 4 5656: (the rhyme pattern still being abab.)

If wishing to create a longer poem then the next verse (5)
must be a completely fresh set of four lines,
these being used as before in the following three verses.

Example Poem

My Goat   (Quadrilew)

My goat can't pedal yet.
My goat likes to ride
when we go to the vet.
He likes apples fried.

My goat likes to ride
buses, trains, and , you bet
cars-- on the inside!
(He don't like gettin' wet. )

When we go to the vet
He climbs up astride
my back and that's no sweat.
my goat's satisfied.

He likes apples fried
if appetite's been whet.
Laughs he will provide,
he's more a friend than pet.

© Lawrencealot - Janyary 20,2016

Visual Template

This is the 5/6 option

This is th 6/5 option

Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is a form invented by Mary Lou Healy, aka Mlou on Allpoetry
The form consists of two octets
with rhyme pattern abcdabcd abcdabcd
meter Iambic
Each Octet consists of two Quatrains, where
Line 1 is tetrameter
Line 2 Dimeter
Line 3 Trimeter
Line 4 Dimeter

Example Poem

Let's write a Quadrilou today.
It's really fun.
A tetrameter line
will start each verse.
That's where you have the most to say,
you're quickly done
because of form's design
which is quite terse.

Just four syllables are in play
in any one
of even lines; resign
yourself, don't curse.
Yet every line can grow one way-
a rhyme end-run,
use feminine  end-rhyme
that's  not adverse.

© Lawrencealot - October 29, 2012

Visual Template


This form was created by Allpoetry's D.D. Michaels , aka midnightblue
 A poetry form consisting of 3 or more Octets,
with the 8 lines of each Octet having the following syllable count:
8/8/8/6/8/8/8/6, that is to say Iambic Tetrameter in lines 1/2/3/ and 5/6/7,
and Iambic Trimeter in lines 4 and 8.
The rhyme scheme is as follows: a/a/(bb)/c, d/d/(ee)/c.
That means that in the Quatrain of the Octet, lines 1 and 2 rhyme,
in line 3 there is an internal with the end-word,
and line 4 rhymes with line 8 in the following Quatrain of the Octet.

Example Poem

Ode to the Quaintrelles

The Dandizettes pre-dated me.
But, I applaud them they seemed free.
It almost seems they lived their dreams
They stressed by dress, their charms.
In finery these Danizettes
May frequently have been coquettes
They liked to play and found their way
to weathy fellows' arms.

At first some thought them fancy whores,
Bedecked and primed for nighttime chores
and they were spurned, yet they soon earned
respect for charm and grace.
From Europe came their finest clothes
to showcase first;  their standing rose.
Each girl would show the cultural glow,
with happy smiling face.

Equivalent today subsumed
by Hollywood pretense consumed
by any twit though lacking wit
who wants to look the part.
Quaintelles did more than copy styles.
they flaunted them and with their smiles
said okay guys, we are the prize.
They did it with their heart.

© Lawrencealot - April 30, 2012

Author's Notes

quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. Quaintrelles share the philosophical underpinnings of dandies, developed within feminine nature and styles.   They were also called dandizettes.

Visual Template


The Quatern is a French form that consists of four quatrains (4-line stanzas),
with 8 syllables in each line.
The first line of stanza 1 is repeated as a refrain line
as the second line of stanza 2, 
the third line of stanza 3 and the last line of stanza 4.
There is no set meter or rhyme scheme.

Possible rime schemes  -  virtually any are ok
i. Abab, cAca, adAd, eaeA
ii. Aabb, aAbb, bbAa, bbaA
iii. Axax, xAxa, axAx, xaxA

Example Poem

Write a Quatern

This line shall serve as a refrain.
Each stanza moves it down again.
This form is in tetrameter,
but may be done pentameter.
Though that does go against the grain.
This line shall serve as a refrain.
The first two lines were fine iambs,
But in the next, that meter scrams.
No meter is required at all
which makes choosing good words, a ball.
This line shall serve as a refrain.
Rhyming with refrain is no strain.
Just two more lines will do the trick.
Then we are finished pretty quick
You're forced to "a" rhyme once again.
This line shall serve as a refrain.

© Lawrencalot - April 1, 2012

Visual Template

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rannaigheacht bheag (ran-á-yah voig)

A traditional Irish quatrain of 7-syllable lines ('old-school'),
 or 8-6-8-6, ending in 2-syllable words all linked by consonance 
(in its old meaning, 'having the same vowels'),
 with at least two cross-rimes in each couplet
 (can be consonance in first but should be rime in second) 
and alliteration in every line, which in the second couplet
 must be between the last two stressed words in each line, 
and with the dunedh, of course (ending in the same word, phrase,
 or line it began with).

Poem Example

Ron-a'yach Rhyme

Writing rhyming words, giving
living lines, fit for fighting
biting boredom while living
in style with witty writing.

 (c) Lawrencealot - May 16,2012

Visual Template

As with the other Irish forms, a template can show you the syllable count and a bit more, but cannot be definitive as so much variation
is possible while meeting the formal  requirements.
In the example below some words not hi-lighted could have been as serving one or more rules.

Rannaigheacht mhor (ron-á-yach voor)

Rannaigheacht mhor (ron-á-yach voor, the ‘great versification’) is an ancient Irish quatrain using 7-syllable lines with 1-syllable end-words rimed ababa-rime can be assonance, but b-rime must be rime, here meaning perfect ‘correspondence’ or Comharda, in which consonants of the same class (p-t-k, m-n-ng etc.) are interchangeable—plus alliteration in every line—preferably between end-word and preceding stressed word (always thus in each quatrain’s closing couplet)—with at least two cross-rimes per couplet (assonance okay in leading couplets), one being L3’s end-word rimed within L4.  Being Irish, it requires the dunedh(first word, phrase, or line repeated in closing).  Each quatrain, as well as each leading couplet, must be able to stand on its own.  Modern specs for this form are given here:

Example Poem

Great Versifiers

Men sometimes are dreamers, lost,
lust-driven schemers who, when
hunting, deceive.  With trust  tossed
at great cost; none believe men.

(c) Lawrencealot - May 16, 2012

No template can be more than a rough guide, but here one is:


NOTE:I have included the definition from two different sources here.  The first specifies the minimum number of quatrains, the 2nd does not.

The 2nd requires that the meter be TROCHAIC, the first is indifferent.

Well, boys and girls - indifferent wins.  I spent some time on 5 different sites and found NOT ONE trochaic poem in English, and several that did not have FOUR STANZAS.

This is simply a poem consisting of four quatrains in tetrameter, preferably iambic  or trochaic.  The rhyme scheme can be aabb, abab, or abcb.  (Although some sources will advise otherwise, syllable count is secondary to rhythmic flow.) Most descriptions do not mention meter.  I have found in the English language most use Iambic and any rhyme scheme, even mixing them.  (An insult, in my way of thinking.)

redondilla, a Spanish stanza form consisting of four trochaic lines, 
usually of eight syllables each, with a rhyme scheme of abba. 
Quatrains in this form with a rhyme scheme of abab, 
sometimes also called redondillas, are more commonly known as serventesios. 
Redondillas have been common in Castilian poetry since the 16th century. 
The word is derived from the Spanish redondo, meaning “round.”

Example Poem

Tropical Storm (A Redondilla or a Serventesio )

Surging currents falling rain 
cloudy grey and gasping sky. 
Seabirds leaving, wonder why. 
Season of the hurricane. 

Board your windows stock your shelves 
Candles, girlfriend, water, food, 
Stranded people making feel good. 
Living, loving, by ourselves. 

"Mom and pop are coming too??"
"Having to evacuate!" 
"Gosh and gee that's really great."
"Your folks too? Least we could do. "

Moms crochet by candle light, 
dads play cards and guzzle beer. 
You and I with bed in here 
writing poems day and night. 

  (c) Lawrencealot - July 24, 2012

Visual Template

RemyLa Rhyme

The RemyLa Rhyme Form, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 4 stanzas. 
Stanzaic: Each stanza has four lines.
Syllabic: 8/10/12/8
Rhymed: abcA defD ghiG jklj
The first word of stanza 1 must also be the last word of stanza 4.
Stanzas 1 throught 4 must begin with the last word of the previous stanza. 

I noticed everyone used alliteration and internal rhyme??
J1, x, x, x, x, x, x, a
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, b
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, c
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, A1

A1, x, x, x, x, x, x, d
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, e
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, f
x, x, x, x, x, x , x, D1

D1, x, x, x, x, x, x, g
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, h
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, i
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, G1

G1, x, x, x, x, x, x, j
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, k
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, l
x, x, x, x, x, x, x, J

Example Poem

 Cant Kick

Pants hanging around our butt-crack
We met, said "Howdy", got a bit rowdy
We'd rather play street ball, bounding and bouncing here
than go to the gym or the track.

Track my progress and you will find
I'm a kicker- and no one is quicker.
I simply own this ball game when played on this block.
I'm double-teamed and I don't mind.

Mind you that's in this neighborhood.
Today we we're aiming at taming foes
that kick a wicked ball in Homer's home ground.
There's never been a doubt they're good.

Good enough to stand a real chance.
With me doubled and tripled we did lose.
A loss costs the losers a high-wire pair of shoes.
Next time it could cost me my pants.

(Lawrencealot - June 22, 2012

Visual Template

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Invented by Renee Mathews Jackson aka Poetryality of Allpoetry
A "®RenRhyme"© 2006 rmj (Original Form)
Written in 8 or 10 syllable lines, consistently. Meaning do not mix eight with ten but write with either eight or ten syllable lines.

It consists of three, four-line (Quatrain) stanzas (12 lines)
Lines 1-4 in the opening stanza are the refrain lines

Line 1 is repeated as line 2 in the second stanza
Line 2 is repeated as line 2 in the third stanza
Line 3 is repeated as line 4 in the second stanza
Line 4 is repeated as line 4 in the third stanza

®RenRhyme (Rhyme Scheme):


There is no meter requirement.

Example Poem

Write a Ren Rhyme

Poetryality built a new form.
A third of the poem's in stanza one.
You can use it to please, or to inform.
Just write that third and you'll be two-thirds done.

That eventuates because of refrain.
Poetryality built a new form.
You see, one stanza is used twice again.
You can use it to please or to inform.

Choose eight or ten syllables for line length.
A third of the poem's in stanza one.
Required repetition gives the verse strength.
Just write that third and you'll be two-thirds done.

© Lawrencealot - September 3, 2012

Visual Template


Like so many other French forms, the Retourne 
is all about repetition. It contains four quatrains
and each line has eight syllables. 
The trick is that the first stanza's second line must 
also be the second stanza's first line, 
the first stanza's third line is the third stanza's first, 
and the first stanza's fourth line is the fourth stanza's first. 
Retournes do not have to rhyme.

Example Poem


I'd loved her only all my life.
She found another to her taste.
She left me-- I now have no wife.
New city, no friends; joys erased. 

She found another to her taste.
I begged, pleaded, asked her to stay 
"I miss you, come back! what a waste, 
keeping your lover is okay." 

She left me-- I now have no wife.
Anquish bestirred me. I tried drink. 
But quit to give my boys a life.
Work, feed the boys, cry, try to think.

New city, no friends; joys erased. 
It took a long while, 'ere I tried 
to date-- I was feeling disgraced
How could I ever lose my bride?

© Lawrencealot - April, 2012

Visual Template

Reverse Word

This form was invented by  Walter E. Ferguson III.  aka, Thunder_Speech

The ONLY requirement of this form, is that you use reverse words where ever you might otherwise choose to use rhyme.  Instead of rhyming, the last words of the lines are spelled backwards (reversed) where rhymes would be.

Example Poem

Non-Olympic swimmer

I thought I'd swim a single loop
before I pulled the plug.
I jumped into our swimming pool
and promptly took a gulp.
I thought to myself "damn and rats"
and jumped out on my tarp.
I'll never be a swimming star,
while sitting on my prat.

© Lawrencealot - Septermber 26, 2012

Visual Template


A Poetry form invented on AP by Matt

A poem consisting of One stanza of Rhyme, one stanza of haiku,
 and one stanza of free verse.
The order of the components is up to the poet.

Example Poem

Without Repentance

semi-clad, somnolent,
climbing over broken logs--
kids explore their camp

There had been no time
in the circadian twilight
to properly define the false
Niagara bubbling, with snatches
of Mozart melodies
into nearby brook.

The first awake, they had to take their tawny dog and find
the wonders here that did appear, as frozen, left behind
for summer time respite.  They'd climb and swim and even shout;
for being loud was here allowed, and home-based rules were out-
maybe fleecing their sister (decreasing her oatmeal share),
Some things do last without contrast and happen anywhere.

(c) Lawrencealot - October 20, 2012

Visual Template

Rhopalic V erse

A poem wherein the nTH word of every line in each stanza has N-syllables.

word 1 = 1syllable
word 2 = 2 syllables
word 3 = 3 syllables
word 4 = 4 syllables
word 5 = 5 syllables,  etc

This a a syllabic form with any number of varialble length stanzas where rhyme is not required.

Example Poem

Pen poems carefully;  believable,  justifiable 
words denounce malignant authority
Quill lightly happily, reliably
help convince dangerous majority.

Write subdued parodies captivating automatically
those minions unconvinced America
is being minimized absolutely systematically
Such writings minimize hysteria.

(c) Lawrencealot - August 17, 2013