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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu (Little Toy Train), created by Lawrencealot
      Patterned after the Paulo Comitatu

The form consists of one or more octaves where the 1st and 5th lines
are Iambic Trimeter with and extra unaccented syllable
da DUM  da DUM  da DUM da (Technically two iambs and an amphibrach)
The remaining lines are proper Iambic Trimeter

Rhyme Pattern: xaba xcbc

This form was designed by synergystic accident, while attempting to
to co-write a poem, and identify the beginning form.
 It is handy if poets are sharing alternating quatrains, and the second poet has strong rhyming skills.
It was placed here for all to enjoy.

Example Poem

Waiting for Her Backwoods Pilot

She sat there by the window
and watched the falling rain.
Her mind went to the past
she hummed a sweet refrain.
He traveled through the forest
with cautious stealth and dread.
Alone and failing fast,
he'd crashed and should be dead.

(c) Lawrencealot November  11, 2012

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