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Monday, January 14, 2013

Rondeau Redoublé

Rondeau Redoublé (Redoubled Rondeau): 

6 quatrains, rhyming abab baba alternately. Quatrains 2-5 end with the first, second, third and fourth lines of quatrain 1, respectively. The poem ends with a tail from the first part of the first line of the poem. 

Example Poem

They Can't Be Sure

They can't be sure but in their hearts he's there.
Those theists who assure us God's on hand
could be mistaken or correct I swear.
The atheists assert God is nowhere.

Descartes had "proof" that I could understand.
Thereafter certainty becomes quite spare.
Some Gods have bloomed in almost every land.
They can't be sure but in their heart he's there.

The Holy books I've read feature despair
and silliness in parts, and they demand
a subjugation not just to God.  Spare
Those theists who assure us God's on hand.

That tragedy, disease, and blight withstand
all calls to all the Gods, makes me aware
that Godly intervention though not banned,
could be mistaken... or correct I swear.

If God set everything in motion, bear
in mind:  that answers question one.  Who planned
all this? without a need for priests to scare.
The atheists assert God is nowhere.

My God's irrelevant to my repair.
What will of me become, if the demand
for mantra is not met, jars not this player.
Unless their God, fills one's heart, resides there
They can't be sure.

© Lawrencealot - May 23, 2012

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