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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Somosa Triad

This form is Copyrighted © April 9, 2012 Amanda Jean Norton, also known as DarkButterfly on Allpoetry.com.
If you pen in this form, please mention her.

A Somosa Triad is

Syllalbic, Stanzaic, rhymed, each stanza is mono-rhymed differently
5 lines each stanza
3 stanzas required

Rhyme scheme :
aaaaa bbbbb ccccc

first line : 4 syllables
second line: 5 syllables
third line: 6 syllables
fourth line: 7 syllables
fifth line : 8 syllables 

Example Poem:


Forms have been sighted 
here and we're delighted 
That A  P may be cited 
but think the  poets were short-sighted. 

I am confused. 
Or am I bemused? 
They want the new form used. 
How can a form be abused? 
If I  use it, am I  then bruised?

is a solution, 
to form prostitution, 
that allows distribution 
without fear of prosecution.

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