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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tempo Composto

Tempo Composto means "time's up" in Latin.

A form invented by L. Allen Bacon, aka Allen a Dale

The first three stanzas of a “tempo composto” are made up of
1) A Spondee (DA-DA)
2) two lines of Dactyl (DA-da-da)
3) 12 syllables free verse.

The fourth stanza differs in that the final line is only
4 syllables of free verse.

The rhyme pattern is

Looks good centered, but that is not a requirement.

Example Poem

Ride in the Country

For sale sign draws me in to find they have just corn. 

Quite hot!
Day is shot.
I have got
no lemonade. Drive on looking for the next stand.

Need gas,
Still I pass
stations looking for fruit stand, then run out of gas.

Walk back!
Station sez,
Out of gas,
Got lemonade.

(c) Lawrencealot - May 30, 2012

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