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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A poetry form created by Chindarella consising of four or more 3-line stanzas and a single concluding line.  Each line has 10 syllables. The first line of each stanza is divided into two 5-syllable parts.
No specific meter is required.
In each stanza the first line begins with the second part of the first line from the previous stanza.
The rhyme scheme is aba cdc efe ghg ... x.

The 2nd line in each stanza must have internal rhyme with the 5th syllable
rhyming with the 10th.

( I would presume that poets who opt for iambic or trochaic meter, may adjust
the line segments and interal rhyme syllable accordingly)

The final line does not need to rhyme;
it also begins with the second part of the preceding first line.

Example Poem


We all are forewarned, no one is surprised.
Though death awaits all, we all may ride tall.
We can't write death out; script can't be revised.

No one is surprised that our days will end
By some grand design, while most parts are fine
there are no clues that Death's presence portend.

That our days will end, all but children know.
How poor we'd be served if fear were deserved.
Such in not the case, play, love, give, then go.

All but children know our curtain shall fall.
Readied all your life, by faith, friends, and wife,
by, works of hand and mind and love for all.

Our curtain shall fall for intermission.

(c) Lawrencealot -April 29, 2013

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