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Thursday, October 17, 2013


NOTE:I have included the definition from two different sources here.  The first specifies the minimum number of quatrains, the 2nd does not.
The 2nd requires that the meter be TROCHAIC, the first is indifferent.
Well, boys and girls - indifferent wins.  I spent some time on 5 different sites and found NOT ONE trochaic poem in English, and several that did not have FOUR STANZAS.
This is simply a poem consisting of four quatrains in tetrameter, preferably iambic  or trochaic.  The rhyme scheme can be aabb, abab, or abcb.  (Although some sources will advise otherwise, syllable count is secondary to rhythmic flow.)
redondilla, a Spanish stanza form consisting of four trochaic lines, 
usually of eight syllables each, with a rhyme scheme of abba. 
Quatrains in this form with a rhyme scheme of abab, 
sometimes also called redondillas, are more commonly known as serventesios. 
Redondillas have been common in Castilian poetry since the 16th century. 
The word is derived from the Spanish redondo, meaning “round.”

Visual Template (for iambic tetrameter)

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