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Friday, January 17, 2014

Ballade Stanza

A Ballade Stanza or Monk's Tale Stanza (So named because it was used in  the Monk's Tale in The Canterbury Tales (1386–1400) by Geoffrey Chaucer )

Is an ten syllable isosyllabic octave, usually written in conjunction with other stanzas (formally five stressed syllables)

Rhyme Scheme: ababbcbc

Example Poem

Reprieve      (Ballade Stanza)        

My puppy wasn't there when I got home         
which was unusual in every way.         
He'd always wait to play; he'd never roam.         
"Honey- my grandma had sad things to say,        
"Hit chasing car… then they took him away."         
I'd never cried the way I cried that night.         
Surprise! His leg was in a cast next day;         
the driver smiled and made my life alright.
© Lawrencealot - January 16, 2014

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