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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chant Royal

A French poetic form and variation of the ballad form,
it consists of five (or three) 11-line stanzas
(there are variations, and some sources allow 8-16 lines)
and an envoi of 5 or 7 lines. The meter is not determined.

Each line should be of the same length. The form uses a refrain
at the end of each stanza and the end of the envoi. The rhyme scheme is
 ababccddedE with ccddedE or ddedE for the envoi.

The poet may aim to avoid repeating a rhyme word throughout
the poem's length. The form is traditionally used for
stately or heroic subjects.

The envoi  traditionally addresses a "Prince". 
Have seen in both in Tetrameter and Pentameter so take your choice.
The Template below shows the rhyme patter for stanzas and envoi.

Example Poem

Foolish Quests

My shyness kept me pure for you; no code
of moral deprivation.  When we met
all in my life was changed. The daily road
to college took me to you.  Fate I bet.
A pretty, busty, car-hop with large smile
would always hold us for a little while.
But you never wore off, so every day
One meal was there so you could bring my tray.
Amazement grabbed my mind.  It sure did seem
that you looked forward to our verbal play.
In the past the future was but a dream.

Our dates were chaste but teasing, and did goad
us on to more 'til finally we did pet.
In your home, fully clothed, myself you rode.
When your did that I guess my fate was set.
Winsome ways, compounded with gift worthwhile
propelled my lust to love.  I thought of guile,
I admit, after asking right a way
for you to be  my bride.  Could not display
that doubt  nor wait; the Navy called.  That gleam
of lust would roam unless bound in some way.
In the past the future was but a dream.

We coupled almost hourly the day I strode
away.  When my tour done,  appetite whet,
our mutual vigor and will did explode.
We simply could not touch without onset
of sexual thought.  It worked we loved in style. 
We never got arrested.  You made me smile
four times with babies we both loved.  How pray
could life get better? A degree okay,
Now a career unfolds in my life stream.
To learn my skills work projects all held sway. 
In the past the future was but a dream.

Your intense drive for sex, I met not while
I worked for what I didn't need, in denial
that I was hurting you.  You found more play
with another who put you first today
and not tomorrow. You left.  Now I seem
to understand, too late to my dismay.
In the past the future was but a dream.

© Lawrencealot - May 5, 2012

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Example Template

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