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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Tuesday, March 19, 2013
5:35 PM
This form was invented by Silent_Cougar and it's structure honors native American Heritage.

The Cheyenelle follow the ‘circle of life’, and that all life is connected.
The words creating their own circle, forming the connection in the closing stanza.
Free Verse Format
The title must relate to the poem, but also adjoin
 the opening single line creating a rhyming couplet.

The first line and stanza are trimeter (two syllable feet)
The next three stanzas are tetrameter,
and the final unspecified, (depending upon word syllable)

The following four stanza then become the creation of the final fifth stanza,
where each lines final word builds into the lines of the fifth stanza.
which holds only four words per line.
The fifth stanza must also read as a stand alone poem.

This form results in automatic internal rhyme in the closing stanza.

The FOLLOWING are the specifications for the Rhymed Version.
Rhyme scheme:


The opening line and first stanza are 6 syllables
Stanza two is 7 syllables
Stanza three is 8 syllables
Stanza four is 9 Syllables
Stanza five is undefined.

Example Poem

We Are All Brothers  (Cheyenelle)

From different mothers

Indeed we all do come.
We can all get along
If when we meet we hum
a tune or sing a song.

Tribal chants - many voices
recognizing all are swayed
by Earth's gifts - that our choices
hinge on those others have made.

DNA has proven and we'll
all soon know that we all belong
to a common tribe and can feel
at home on earth with kinship strong.

Once all people know they are mankind's
blood-brother all will join the parade
which will find humanity enshrined
at peace with earth and quite unafraid.

Come along hum a song.
Voices swayed choices made.
We all belong; feel strong
mankind's parade, enshrined, unafraid.

(c) Lawrencealot - Sept 28, 2012

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