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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fibonacci Spiral

A form based on the first 7 numbers of the fibonacci sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13.

2 stanzas: 1st stanza 13 lines,  2nd stanza 12 lines.
25 lines altogether (no gap between stanzas.)
13 lines in the first stanza, then you use the last line of your first stanza 
as the first line  of your second stanza and repeat the syllable count below 
to form the spiral. if this confuses you just look below.

your syllable counts must be as follows:
stanza 1
1st line - 1 syllable
2nd line - 1 syllable
3rd  line - 2 syllables
4th line  -3 syllables
5th line   -5 syllables
6th line   -8 syllables
7th line  -13 syllables
8th line  -8 syllables
9th line  -5 syllables
10th line - 3 syllables
11th line - 2 syllables
12th line - 1 syllable (word must be at least 4 letters)
13th line - 1 syllable

stanza 2
14th line  -1 syllables
15th line   -2 syllables
16th line   -3 syllables
17th line  -5 syllables
18th line  -8 syllables
19th line  -13 syllables
20th line  -8 syllables
21st line   -5 syllables
22nd line  - 3 syllables
23rd line  - 2 syllables
24th line  - 1 syllable
25th line  - 1 syllable

Poem should be Centered.

Example Poem

Keep Your Promise

I now
convince you
that I keep my vow?
Sometimes it's hard to carry through
when the world is filled with women and God did endow
me with this notion that I view
incomplete, somehow
lines that don't
be now
this time
we have met
with success and I'm
I'm confident you'll not regret
the fact that the world is filled with men who do sometime
agree that it's ok to sweat
the details and rhyme
when you bet
you could

© Lawrencealot - April 16, 2013

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