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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


  • Cinquino is seems to me is a gimmicky invented verse form that reverses the syllable count of the Crapsey Cinquain. It was found in a book on poetry for teachers and was created by a 20th century American educator James Neille Northe.

    The Cinquino is:
    • a poem in 5 lines.
    • syllabic, 2-8-6-4-2 syllables per line.
    • unrhymed

      I Am

      time flies on flitting fairy wings
      up down and all around
      I am here now
      ~~ jvg

Thanks to Judi Van Gorder for the above.

My example

So Multiprocess      (Cinquino)

time flies
unless you're waiting for the pot
to boil, you all know that
it's relative
in fact

© Lawrencealot - 2/19/2014

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