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Monday, February 17, 2014

Trochee LaGrange

This is a form created by Lisa La Grange of Allpoetry
It is stanzaic, consisting of two or more quatrains
It is syllabic, 8/5/8/5
It is metric, all lines beginning with a trochee and an anpest,
And followed on the long lines with an amphibrach, giving this pattern:
DUM da da da DUM da  DUM da
DUM da da da DUM
DUM da da da DUM da DUM da
DUM da da da DUM
The rhyme scheme is abab, where the a-rhymes are feminine.

My Sample Poem
Let 'Em Grump     (Trochee LaGrange)

Finding not a single reason
happiness need wait,
I'll use this and every season
piling up my plate.

Stack it up with cheer and grinning,
spread it all around.
There lies our short-cut to winning-
let gloom have no ground.

Steer your bark with fear behind ye-
hope now in control.
Gloominess should never find ye
Let it disappear.

Grumpiness is stultifying
'ceptting for to view.
Sometimes it is satis fying
watching others spew.

Standing clear of doom forecasting
every chance you find
fosters a calm health that's lasting,
favoring your mind.

© Lawrencealot - February 17, 2014

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