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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A L'Arora

The A L'Arora, a form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 8-lined stanzas. The rhyme scheme for this form is a, b, c, d, e, f, g, f with no syllable count per line. The minimum length for the poem is 4 stanzas with no maximum length stipulation. The A L'Arora is named after Laura Lamarca as "La" is her signature. "Aurora" is Italian and means "dawn" - "Arora" is derived from this. This form is dedicated to Chad Edwards.

Rhyme Scheme Re-Stated: xxxxxa xa, where "x" = no rhyme

To Eternity

She had harboured her conscience
as saddened seas set sail
and a hail of happiness
harpooned her harmed heart;
yet the start of her story
cast its line long ago...

when blame built a boat
to float to and fro.

She had waded through waters
towards distant dreams,
as sky's streams shone strong
for promise to grow,
and tide told of legends,
of pirates and gold...

of adventures and romance
and treasures to behold.

Soft breeze blew her homewards
towards challenge and smile,
over miles of surrender--
befriending love's sighs.
Undercurrents urged notions
to traverse oceans...and land

as anchors raised rainbows
and sorrows turned to sand.

She harnessed the beauty
that greeted her ashore,
as core swelled with longing
to sing songs...and survive.
And she lived with pride's palms
for forever and a day...

past's anchor has long rusted--
eroded echoes...stripped away.

Copyright © 2009
Laura Lamarca

My Example Poem

Simple, Not Simplistic    (A L'Arora)

My mentor mentioned making my attempts
at penning poetry as speaking to a friend.
The grandiose perhaps will awe a few,
The academics, whose investment
in obcsure even
may seem propitious.

The common man will find
pretention not auspicious.

Your poems should be fun or run with one
to ideas delible in reader's mind
making them now indelible in his own
Eschew condemnations, and benisons
but be exponent of provoking thought.

Let poetry maraud through newest  notions
and through concepts the Ancients may be taught.

Ignorance is pandemic
and helped along
by dogma,
the quintessential foe of reason.
If agencies are instru mental
in dumbing people down. . .

We poets and the world-wide net
is where new hope is found.

Confounding folks
won't do the trick
Didactic rants
shall also fail,
but creative and probing poems
when free of condescension,

may lead the Exodus from apathy
and get the world's attention.

(c) Lawrencealot - Nov 2013

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