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Friday, November 29, 2013


The Florette, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more stanzas for either of the two versions.

Version 1 - Quatrain Stanazas
Rhyme schemeaaba , with interlaced rhyme in line four, where
                           syllable eight shares the "b" rhyme.
 Syllabic:           8,8,8,12 
Meter:               Iambic

Version 5 - Quintet Stanazas
Rhyme schemeaabba 
 Syllabic:             8,8,8,12 
Meter:                 Iambic

Sample Poem

Meeting for a Drink     (Florette)

While sitting near my fountain dear,
a pretty yellow finch appeared.
When he came by to say hello
it thrilled me much to simply know I wasn't feared.

He looked at me and seemed quite wise,
as seeing me was no surprise;
he groomed his feathers, and seemed to think,
then bowed to me and took a drink, just us two guys.

© Lawrencealot - November 28, 2013

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