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Monday, November 11, 2013


The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the following syllable counts:5/7/7, 5/7/7. A Sedoka, pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives.

katauta is an unrhymed three-line poem the following syllable counts: 5/7/7.

My thanks to Shadow Poetry a fine poet's resource to which you may link from this page.

Example Poem

Getting Trained

Baby learning speech
"Lo, Papa", points down to floor.
I look for object on floor.

"No, grandpa", say mom.
The baby wants you closer
She wants you to "Stand there please."

(c) Lawrencealot - June 16, 2012

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