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Thursday, December 5, 2013


The ochtfochlach is an Irish verse form consisting of an eight-line stanza with a consistent but unspecified length and meter. The rhyme scheme is aaab cccb.

The Ochtfochlach

I like the form and rhythm, too;
It fits and wears like well-made shoe.
With luck it lasts a whole life through
And looks no worse for wear.
Iambic feet can march along
And lend their cadence to a song
With beats that switch from soft to strong,
A pace that's light to bear.

My example poem

Fochlach It   (Ochtfochlach)

The Ochtingfochlach rocks
it's not some damn flummox;
I penned this wearing socks,
and yes, without my shoes.

Define most any style
this form will soon beguile
and render forth a smile.
So what is there to lose?

© Lawrencealot - December 4, 2013

Visual Template
There is no requirement for meter or line-length, though I chose iambic trimeter for this write. 

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  1. I was led here thanks to ShellyA who inspired me to write one of my own ... thanks for being a wealth of information