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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ya Hoo

The Ya Hoo is an enhanced version of the Yadu, which is defined HERE.
It was invented by Lawrencelot of AP

There are 1 to 3 stanzas, each with five lines.
Each of the first four lines have four syllables.
The last line has either 5, 7, 9 or 11 syllables.

The defining feature of this form is that it has internal staircase rhyme, as does the yadu, but unlike the yadu it has right and left staircases.

Also unlike the yadu, there is NO requirement that the poem have a theme about seasons.

Here is a syllable schematic of the rhyme required.

Where "--" equals from 1 to 7 syllables

Example poem.

Maybe Time, by Lawrencealot

Shine a dim light 
of fine nightowl 
sky;  white wine pour 
for my poor gal. 
She's sore. Why? I dunno but I see a scowl. 

I could propose 
then I 'spose she 
would close my night 
out good, right? We 
don't fight. Should work for everybody.

Visual Template:

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