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Saturday, December 29, 2012

ZaniLa Rhyme

The ZaniLa Rhyme is a poetry form created by Laura Lamarca.

A ZaniLa Rhyme has an minimum of three quatrain stanzas with 
a specific rhyme scheme and syllable count. 
There is no maximum length requirement for the form.

In each stanza, the rhyme scheme is abcb 
and the syllable count is 9/7/9/9.

Along with the end-line rhyme scheme, the ZaniLa Rhyme 
also has an internal rhyme in line 3 of each stanza.
Line 3 repeats in all odd-numbered stanzas, as written in stanza one. 
In all even-numbered stanzas, line 3 repeats 
but the order of the line is reversed.

Example Poem:

Right ZaniLa Wrong   ( ZaniLa Rhyme )

ZaniLa threw me a couple times
So I'll write another one.
Internal rhyme in this line this time
to illustrate how it should be done.

I had a d-rhyme within my rhymes
and of d's there should be none.
In this line this time- internal rhyme
in reversed order from when begun.

I can toot the horns and ring the chimes
for I've got the battle won.
Internal rhyme in this line this time.
Finally my errors are undone.

     © Lawrencealot - December 30, 2012

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