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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tory Meter

The ToryMeter was invented by Victoria Sutton.  An easy form that is similar to the Rictameter with a slightly different approach. Example follows.
2 syllables (R) last line
4 syllables
6 syllables
8 syllables
10 syllables
12 syllables
10 syllables
8 syllables
6 syllables
4 syllables
2 syllables (R) first line

Rhyme scheme can vary I have done multiple in different end rhymes.
But they must have a rhyme scheme...

Example Poem
Good Friends

Good friends
share anything
because their trust extends     
beyond the boundary that will  spring  
from propriety and good common sense
between casual friends. Their trust may stem from shared
experiences or things learned at expense
of innocence with feelings bared.  
If that trust should fail, how     
can they be now        
Good friends

© Lawrencealot - April 5, 2012

Visual Template
In this poem I chose rhyme scheme ababcdcdeea

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